Sunday, September 9, 2007

Westview Pool

Westview Pool : Winner of Most Consistently Available and Well-maintained Pool on RI

The Good: WV has a very reasonable membership cost and excellent hours. That's why it is the Home of the Roosevelt Island Marlins Swim Team and hosts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday beginner, intermediate and advanced swim classes throughout the year with some great Coaches (Igor the younger and Lenny ) at an affordable price what could be better? Well, actually a few things…

I still wish they would find a way to vent the pool area. The amount of chlorine being added to the water feels excessive although I'd rather have chlorine than disease, perhaps they could try to vent out some of that exceess chlorinated air? Also, please have the pH checked more frequently. Other than that, it's got a working sauna and relatively nice and clean locker rooms. Thank you. The front desk managers are friendly and helpful as is the lifeguard staff and helpers.

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Corinna said...

Hi Rachel,
The monthly rates for the Roosevelt Island Marlin's Learn-to-Swim Program at the Westview Pool are low: $70 for one lesson per week, $100 for two lessons per week, and $120 for 3 lessons per week. Siblings get a discount. September is 50% off. Compared to Manhattan prices, this is a very good deal! How is this possible? It's a non-for-profit program headed by UNPAID parent volunteers who don't even get a discount for their own kids. The fall season starts on Saturday, September 15th at 12pm.